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I'm making magic to trick your brain.
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Content Creation

It fills my cup to create photos, videos and animations for brands to tell their stories across websites, social media and advertising. I'm most at home in the Adobe Suite.

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Front End Website Dev.

Building websites helps dreams become realities for brands wanting to carve our their own place on the internet. You'll find me building in Figma, Webflow and Wix (and editing in Shopify)

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I get to facilitate discussion for clients workshops and projects, events and training. What a thrill it is to connect with others through active listening, open dialogue and relentless authenticity.

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“Sarah created content that engaged our audience and kept them coming back for more.  So creative, skilled and responsive. She elevated our content and brand immensely”

Sheree Rubenstein | Founder, One Roof

I do social media too

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